Thursday, July 10, 2008

Super Hectic Day

Today marks the third day of work on the Bomber.

14:30: Went down to to Salmeen garage in Shuwaikh, finished the rear end mounted the  Limp Dick taillight and fender.

15:30 - headed to South Surra in 48 degrees to work on the engine, although i had to wait for an hour for the engine to cool down

16:30 - Stripped bike, tank exhaust, drained the oil from the engine.

17:00 - Stripped engine - Cams came off, Rocker Heads, Cylinder Heads, Cylinder and Pistons and not to forget the carburetor

19:30 - Rebuild cams - Pistons Bearings.

22:30 - Recess for tomorrow

Tomorrow should be done with the rebuild including, exhaust and new carb and start the bike.

Photo-0047 Photo-0048
Photo-0049 Photo-0050
Photo-0051 Photo-0052
Photo-0056 Photo-0057

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