Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Got Heads

babc_1_b I received a call from my buddy yesterday telling me he has a package for me, so I am guessing , its my heads from Florida, could be my Fender from Ohio. Either way, I will not know till tomorrow. Damn, I should rename this project to Snaily Bomber, not much Blitz in USPS and Aramex.

A quick description of my Heads. Harley claims that the SE heads innovative port shapes from the Evolution® 1340 cylinder heads with the Twin Cam 88® engine “bathtub” combustion chamber to create a cylinder head that really performs. Valve spring can accommodate up to .575" valve lift camshaft kits and up to 6500 RPM. Bottom line number talks, I am not expecting more than a 10 HP increase between 5000-6500 RPM.

Below is a Dyno chart, similar to my setup, I have opted to black out the cam, no need to reveal the magic ingredients.


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