Saturday, June 28, 2008

More trouble ahead

Nothing is going smooth sailing! My so called bobber air filter is on back order. Damn luck.

Back to the drawing board

RSII-SK2 Just when I thought, I had something special going on for this project. I went to Dasman Polishing service today with some stainless steel and aluminum items. What a bummer! After giving it a try out the copper does not bind onto neither. Research on the subject has returned the following results and I quote "

The most common way to plate aluminum is to use the zincate process, followed by nickel. Copper plating onto zincate layers can be problematical and is usually avoided wherever possible. However, correct pretreatment of the aluminum prior to zincating is essential otherwise the zincate layer is of no use. I would suspect the following things:

1) Is it the correct grade of aluminum for plating?
2) Was the pretreatment correct?
3) Was the zincating done correctly?
4) Is the nickel of the correct stress?
5) Are the process solutions all in specification?"

Duh!!! I guess none of the above, this level of sophisticated process is not available in good old Kuwait. What a drag here goes my dreams of a copper coated Bomber!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

On the War Path

Founded Springfield, Massachusetts, USA (1901) Indian Motorcycles a veteran and icon of the motorcycle industry, that witnessed several failed attempts. New Indian Chief uses an S&S fuel-injected 105ci V-Twin engine. The new Chief will have the classic valanced fenders.  New Indian also plans on offering an accessory line for both the New Indian and the Gilroy Indian motorcycles built from 1999 to 2003.

indian_full_13 indian_full_12
indian_full_6 indian_full_14


Phase One

OP0007971rganizing my tasks with a simple check list, will ease the process of the transformation and will focus on rebuilding on one section at a time. First job will be the engine.


Engine to do list

Bore Cylinders
Replace pistons 1550
Replace Heads
Replace cam chain tensioners
Replace Cams
Replace Pushrods
Copper coat pushrods covers
Replace Gaskets
Replace CV with Mikuni
Replace Air Filter
Spark Plugs
Replace oil tank
Replace oil lines
Replace Exhaust

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coolest Bobber Ever?

schumi700OK, so some people have fame, fortune, skills, nerves, speed  and luck. The bike was built for Michael Schumacher on the occasion of his retirement from Formula One racing as a gift from the Ferrari Corsa Clienti in Monza Italy on October 28th, 2006. I did blog about this bike previously, however I gotta admit it still looks cool and I hope schumi is using it.



Jammer Air Filter

jammerSome components are key to give the Bobber that authentic nostalgic look. After several attempts in trying to identify a suitable air filter for the Bomber, I found what I am looking for. The sad part is that the chrome got to go after paying 140$ for this item it will be replaced by a combination of black and copper bolts.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Waiting Game

Waiting4 Gosh, after an extensive shopping spree, spanning from eBay to Custom Chrome, I am left with nothing else to do than wait for my parts to land in Kuwait. Total $ spent is 4,000 to date, some parts have already arrived, however I am awaiting final consolidation of all items to kick off the project in earnest. I am hoping to get everything within the coming 3 weeks, as some parts are still on back order. Meanwhile, I will keep on updating the site with some cool rides.

Brooklands Bobber

This is one of those bikes I have drooled looking at over the web, i really though it was an authentic  pan head from the 40's. After some googling, i found out that this is yet another creation by Warrs.

2007 FLSTS Softail Springer converted in house by Stockwell & Towns at Warr\'s Kings Rd dealership. Commisioned for Brooklands Motor Museum to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birthplace of British Motor Sport. In 1921 D.H. Davidson became the first person in the UK to break the 100mph mark. He achieved this amazing feat on a V-Twin Harley-Davidson at Brooklands. This bespoke machine features custom bobbed bodywork, Brooklands racing green paint, Brooklands exhaust and saddle. Blacked motor with coppered pipes, leather bound control cables, nostalgia series grips, F series footboards, blacked wheels, bespoke graphics and signature paint.

main5712 main5713
main5714 main5715

40'S Big twin

This gorgeous bike is based on a 2006 FLSTI Heritage Softail customized in house to look like a 40\'s era big twin. Blacked wheels and front end, specially adapted rear fender gives an era correct clean fender line with no visible supports, pan solo seat, blacked pre-war fin type exhaust with pan style exhaust covers, alloy finish motor with black heads. Built by Stockwell & Towns at Warr\'s King\'s Rd.

main5680 main5681
main5682 main5683

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Copper Harley

I found this Harley on the web, too many colors for my taste. However some good ideas on what to coat on the Bomber.




Sunday, June 22, 2008

Amazing Shuwaikh!

I keep discovering new things, now that I have over abused powder coating  on my builds. I have decided to take another route for the Bomber. Bobbers are deprived of chrome, however a new idea came to mind copper coating, does this exist? I was pointed to Dasman chroming, I know the shop as I have dealt with him before. So I took a sample part and gave it to him for a Copper Coating Trial the results were amazing. Downside to Copper is oxidation, it tends to change colors, if not cleaned regularly. That's the the charm of an antic look.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Busy Day

hmmmSo many errands today, drove to Shuwaikh with my cylinders for boring, Jacques knows his stuff, he has been in the business for the past 30+ years, discussed tolerances and specs, will be done by tomorrow. Next went to the paint shop discussed the bike theme and dropped some parts, Monaco is delivering top notch paint jobs, better then some pretentious shops that I had the misfortune to deal with on El-Diabolo. Pirelli was on the agenda, I bought a set of Metzeler white walls tires, 150/80/16 front, 150/80/16 back. Dasman chroming was next, dropped a couple for copper plating, I need to test the concept and the quality. Nice to know you can still find shops for some customization in Shuwaikh.

House Keeping

After 4 horrendous weeks of dust, I decided today to give the bikes a wash. After 90 minutes of scrubbing, I decided to take them out for a spin. First El-SuperBeasto, damn that bike can run, although its 2000 model, it has been upgraded to run smoother than the 2008s. I enjoyed the blast back and forth in the neighborhood, although I was sweating buckets. Next was the Nightrain (aka Blitz-Bomber), more of a Train like performance, this bike can't steer, can't run and can't brake. I just realized how crappy a Harley is,  I would never buy a new one again!.



The Bike

I did forget to upload pictures of the project bike, its a 2002 Nightrain. 18,000km on it, carburated nothing fancy to write home about, I rode the bike one from Mishref to the house and the next trip will be to the garage.IMG_0993

All roads lead to Bobbers

Funny, this is exactly how I pictured mine, but in Green of course, the funnier part is that the front wheels are identical, so are the tires and rear fender, I am keeping the original tank at this time, might change my mind later.



Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bling for my Blitz

Just arrived to my inbox today at a staggering shipping rate of 30KD. Lots of Bling for my Blitz. Although I wanted something more retro, the Tracker exhaust a joint product, designed by Roland Sands and manufactured by Vance & Hines gives the BB an aggressive racing style and delivering superior performance through its 2-1 design.   A chrome billet drilled exhaust tip with the RSD mark adds a touch of class to the build.

RSDdetail1-main rsd

New Seat

I took delivery of my new bobber seat yesterday, absolutely gorgeous leather work, it was packaged neatly with a leather care kit and springs to go with it. City Choppers were helpful in providing me with all the necessary details. La Rosa build quality is top quality and the tooling is professional its a steal at 135$.


BP Powder Coating

I have been struggling for a while in getting professional glossy powder coating in Kuwait, some of the parts  I have purchased are to be coated to achieve the required look of the bike. The idea is to find a professional company that can deliver the quality of work I am looking for. Until yesterday this was a difficult task until I found this shop on eBay, who does excellent coating at affordable prices. BP Powder Coating located in Fremont California, was willing to coat any chrome part I purchased over eBay, by shipping directly to him. I struck a deal with him on a list of parts, the downside is that I have to pay twice for shipping, however its the end result that counts.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Blitz

engineBlitz is an intensive rush of  horsepower and acceleration controlled by a flick of the wrist.  To build the ultimate V-Twin torque machine, the choice of Camshaft is the factor that will make or break the mechanical orchestra.

This said other components should harmoniously work together to deliver on the expected performance.

Cams: TW8 aggressive ramps with .595 of lift.
Heads: Screaming Performance heads
Valve Springs: up to .650 of lift
Pistons: Forged high Compression 9.6
Pushrods: Adjustable
Carburetor: 42mm Mikuni
Ignition: Selectable Maps
Exhaust: Vance & Hines Tracker

Expected Outcome: 105 HP and a Massive 110 Ft/lbs of torque at 4000 RPM.

Item Description Price
Cams $268
Pushrods $80
Pistons $165
Valve Springs $124
SE Heads $380
Cylinder Boring  $100
Gaskets $130
Ignition $230
Exhaust $599
Mikuni 42mm $199
Engine Bolt Set $85
Total $2,360

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bobbed Nighties

So this is pretty much what a slightly modified stock nighty looks like, not bad for a week end job. I still think the Nightrain is the toughest Harley of them all.




Friday, June 13, 2008

Project Update

PhotoIDWell, parts ordered. All the basics, to get the project moving.
Main focus is the engine and the rear end, I am still dabbling with the idea to smack a springer FX front end with a 16 inch front.

I will wait and see the work progress, expected to start within 2 weeks from today. 

Dude I cant wait to stop Blogging and start Bobbing.

Brass Balls Bobber

I gotta say these guys know their business, superbly executed on all levels, no clutter just simply gorgeous. Its either you like them or not and whatever your opinion is about them, bobbers are here to stay. Just have a look at some of their creations.


b1 b2
b3 b4
b5 b6

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tod 8080

If you like old motorcycle ads, in specific Harleys. You ought to visit Tod8080. I really like his drawings and some of his concept could be an inspiration for  Harley Future line up.

1 2
3 4
P 6