Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Blitzy gets a 180

Heritage 081

Heritage 084

Yeap, I got the Bomber look, after a lot of fiddling, machining & grinding, here is the result, a gorgeous fat ass of a bobber. Went out for a ride yesterday night to Hilton with a friend. The bomber was absolutely a dream to ride, next up is to put the Blitz in it.


Lobo said...

Amazing... What´s the size and manufacturer of the rear tire???

Hellraiser said...

Hey Lobo, the rear tire is a dunlop from harley measuring 180/80/16. This is the standard tire for the 2009 Roadking Classic.

Lobo said...

I thought so, but i was in doubt, because in the other photo, that you posted before, it looked different, with another design/shape.

Your bike is fucking awesome.

I live in Brazil and i have a similar project in my mind. Do you mind giving me your email so we can talk about it?

Thanks and congratulations on the bike.