Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Blitz Bomber Phase III

Its been a while I did not update the blog and for good reasons. Blitzy got a major engine make over. The flat tops 10.25 Pistons has been swapped in favor of the HTCC 10.5 pistons, installed 0.30 cometic gaskets vs SE 0.40 and for the coup de grace, HTCC CNC Ported Heads coupled with a snarling Mikuni 45mm. The seat was swapped with the crossbones seat, after using the OEM springs way too mushy for my taste, I reinstalled the La Rosa springs. Cosmetically the light was moved up to the upper lower tree, giving the bike a more retro look.

low engine
P1012717 P1012721
P1012726 P1012738
P1012733 P1012735

Ballet.2008 , Summer 2008, Blitzomber 2008 113
Blitzy May 2008 

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Anonymous said...

Great looking bike. You have an eye for style.