Sunday, January 25, 2009

Beating the Screaming Eagle Electra Glide

beating the chicken The 2005 FLHTCSE2 Screamin' Eagle Electra Glide, is a 103 stroker and you would probably not a match for the Biltz. However this Glide is much more than that. With high compression stoker pistons, 257 cams and a 58mm Jim's throttle body matched with Vance & Hines dual exhaust and a PCIII its build to perform. However the downside of the Electra is its weight, tipping 355kg on the scale without oil and gas, the wet weight should average 390kg+ the rider. Friday witnessed a drag race between the Bomber and the Electra. The advantage of the Electra was its take off attributed to its weight, it took of the line, while Blitzy was burning rubber, rider fault I did not test the Mikuni 42, which I installed the night before. The Electra relegated the Bomber in first, second and was ahead by 2 cars length. Once I shifted to third the Bomber went super sonic and Blitzed the Electra as if it was standing still, crossing the line with at least 3 cars length ahead. Mission accomplished, I still believe it was not a fair race as weight ratios are handicapping the Electra. Nevertheless a win is a win, and in life there are only winners and losers. One Screaming Eagle Gunned Down who's next?

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