Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hellraiser under the weather, Blitz under the cover

Weekend-RedSkull This has not been the best week in my calendar year. I have been pretty much in bad shape over the past couple of days. The weather has been fluctuating with a lot of humidity carrying loads of viruses in the air. To worsen matters, most of my stuff from the US is on back order and now I have to deal with a new employee at my supplier side making thing slower then ever. I am hoping to put the final touches on Blitzy soon, although to tell you the truth, I am not keen on driving these days.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Blitzy's seat pan

Photo-0118 Today I took the Blitzy to Salmeen's shop in Shuwaikh, the task is to manufacture a seat pan to hide Blitzy's wiring. The task is tedious, first off the designated area need to be shielded with tape. The bike had to be covered to protect from any resins drips. The fiberglass mesh was laid, then resins mixture was applied thoroughly making sure all the air in between the mesh was forced out. Second layer was cut and applied and the third using the same procedure. After 2 hours the pan has taken a rough form, its a matter of waiting for the resins mixture to dry, hoping it will be done by tomorrow.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Back to the drawing board

Heritage 074After the first long ride on the Bomber a couple of issues considered minor, or major depending how you look at it, have surfaced on the bike.


Lessons learned after the first long ride:

  • Remember to loctite your bolts, I ended up loosing my points cover due to engine vibration. Lets face the Bomber is not a smoothie.
  • Bobber air filters with sponge elements are not designed for performance. The result is poor and restrictive air flow, forcing the sponge to be torn and digested by the engine and spit out form the exhaust, not a healthy diet.
  • Rear tire to fender clearance, yes I did use the hose for measurement, however clearance was not enough to clear the bolts holding the rear light, although I triple checked, I did miss out on the heat factor. This  made my tire get deep scars making it useless after 200km of driving.
  • Since I am due for a tire change, guess what? I am smacking the 180 and yes a larger fender and another paint 280$ worth of damages.