Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Final Curtain (almost)

Few quirks remains to be sorted. Overall the bike is within expectations The marriage between the RSD and the Tailgunner was a match.


Monday, October 18, 2010

The week end in review

For starters fixed my pump issues, mated the RSD with the Tailgunner exhaust. Other minor challenges rear turn signals bracket, badges yes lots of badges well only 3. The bike is starting to change shape and should be done to morrow, however cant drive it as I lost my registration papers.

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Friday, October 15, 2010

Tail Gunner Exhaust Video 1 million Views


On its third posting anniversary posted on October 15, 2007. I am Truly overwhelmed by the number of hits that this video has generated. I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to view and comment on this short video. To be exact the number of views are 1,063,806 to date and counting.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Phase one of the bike is done, however before I move on to cosmetical enhancement. I will have to deal with the no pressure issue, which by a mismounted spacer. Shit Happens! luckily the engine never run more than 10seconds at the time, when I discovered the oil light was not shutting off. Oh well I guess Saturday will be spend on tearing the cam plate and front end to be lowered. In the Meantime you can enjoy the new scheme.


stormer1 stormer2

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Mobber Reborn





Things have been progressing well so far! for the exception of the usual hiccups here and there. Yesterday was the front end revamp, I ditched the custom triple tree for a set of Deuce triple trees, black powder coated. Installed the Flanders bar, a nightmare of massive proportions, due the narrow holes. Changed my brake pads and installed the new powder coated switch housing. Today will be focusing on wiring and torquing all the bolts and hopefully get the Stormer fired up.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Deja Vu


I have previously posted in regards to the Flanders TT Bars, well nothing have changed, in terms of quality and adding insult to injury, the machined holes drilled for internal wiring have extremely sharp edges which resulted in ripping the protective plastic cover on my controls wiring. You would expect better workmanship for a $200 handlebar. Nevertheless they remain the most confortable aggressive bars on the market!

Progress Report


Over the past couple of days, I have struggle in putting the bike together. Mundane installation has proved to be nightmares. The swing arm, took over 2 hours to install, I usually do it in 20 minutes. it was not my day. The way things are looking now is as follows, 90% of my parts to be powder coated are done. The result is beyond satisfactory. The rear end is bolted back together the engine covers are back in place. I started stripping the front yesterday to install the Flanders handlebars, still some work to be done , I hope my progress is 90% by tonight. Leaving the tank and electrical to be dealt with, over the course of tomorrow.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Powder Coating Challenges


Since glossy powder is not available in Kuwait I have decided to ship 2 LBS form the US. After delivering my parts to the coater, I was supposed to receive them on Thursday, unfortunately the cops raided his shop checking for illegal immigrants (Welcome to Kuwait), which resulted in a delay. I will check back with him tomorrow as I need to finish this build by Wednesday at the latest!

Todays Progress


Today was a hectic day, started work at 16:30 and finished around 23:00. Oil Tank is back in place. New Oil Cooler installed, unfortunately I did not have a new oil filter, will get one tomorrow. Swapped my cams for a set of used TW8 as the the 6H were too torquey and has costed me 2 sets of clutches. Since I have already installed the new Screaming eagle hydraulic cam plate it was somehow easy to remove the cams. The 6H were mounted with a woodruff key which posed some challenge. The rocker arm base plate was a bit damaged by the high lift cam and needs some grinding, will take care of it, first thing in the morning.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Crossbone Assimilation

This is a 2008 Crossbones right out of the dealership, this baby will be converted over the coming week to a Bobber, will keep you updated on this beauty over the coming weeks.

Burn outs

No comments


The Mobber was build last year, due to budget restrictions I kept it simple, although, I liked the bike, there was room for improvement, that I will cover in the coming posts.

Sticking to a proven formula


Each bike build has a distinctive style and each time we strive to outdo ourselves with budget constraint off course. My bike building policy is simple, keep it as close to stock as possible, so when if you need to sell it at certain point in time the custom aspect will not make people think twice about custom engines and part that are not available in this market,

Keep your frame stock
If you mod your tank keep the original at hand
Same goes for fender wheels etc…
Engine keep it HD

Now the enhancement are not only cosmetic. Lets tart with the frame, Lower rear and front, do not rake the bike if you plan on travelling. You can change the tires and rims, Rear you can go up to 200mm on a stock swing arm using stock HD parts, such as pulley and belt, rims from 16X5.5” – 17X6” even 18”, you only need to manufacture the spacers and grind the caliper and swing arm.

The Front I have opted for 180mm mounted on a 16X4.25” rim, you can go up 5.5” but want be able to fit a 200mm. I do recommend a fender to protect you from drainage water, its cool to drive without a fender, not that cool if you run into sewage water!

Drivability, the combo of 200+180 is a killer, the bike feel and handle like a sports bike, make sure that you r exhaust is high, RSD tracker is a good example of high clearance exhaust, yes your Harley will lean till you grind your foot pegs.

Handle Bars ape bars are cool if you wanna pose on the bike, if you are into serious thrashing, get a low bar, I opted for a mantel bar. Giving better control over my bike.

Seat console etc is stock HD crossbones of eBay.

Nest Post will cover the engine mods!

Transformation over 5 years

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n657200289_639954_1634 fud
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15550_303658050289_657200289_9651045_7084374_n 46039_10150231417010290_657200289_14426048_4177540_n

Paint Job


39586_10150260034485290_657200289_15088309_4044720_n 58148_10150259913345290_657200289_15086366_8041550_n


The color I picked for the Stormer is code name Matt Sand Q8! What a coincidence given the fact that I live in Kuwait SmileThe color fit the harsh dusty weather we encounter throughout the year, on top of that its easy to maintain and keep clean!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

So why Stormer?


So_Worth_ItRather what is Stormer, well after building the Blitz giving homage to the Arado and by no means to Nazi Germany, I decided to continue with the same theme and context, although I have to emphasize, that my bike are not reflecting any Neo Nazi believes or tendencies, I just love war memorabilia and like to integrate some of them in my designs. Coming back to the name Stormer comes form Sturmtrupp WWI.

Stormtrooper Insignia

The intention was to create a special badge for the stormtroop-soldier firstly for motivation demonstrating his elite-status , but then it should become a qualification badge, awarded only, when he had finished a special stormtroop-training and had excellent capabilities in close-combat, throwing of hand-grenades, pistol and rifle shooting and was joined in three storm-troopers raids against the enemy.

It’s Official Mobber Stormer

mobe storm

My Oil Tank got christened with the new Mobber Stormer name. Though the colors are a bit off, it’s a land rover standard matt color (Kuwait  Sand). The number 59 reflects my wife B-Day and a thank you for giving me her bike, as donor to the Mobber a year back!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mobber Stormer

Most of the work on this project is cosmetical, as the bike has gone through a major engine upgrade last year. the problem started after a brand new valve seal, installed wrongly or rather forcefully through my local stealer, broke and went into my pump, damaging the scavenging pump in the process and making my Harley puke oil like the Exxon Valdez. The whole engine was disassembled and rebuild with a stroker crank, Ported heads from Hillside Cycles, 45 mm Mikuni, Woods Tw6H cams, very little money was left for cosmetics, for the record this bike has gone through 3 different builds making it the fourth one.