Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Performance Challenges

10harleyTECHtalk Just when you think that bikes manufacturers know what they are doing, you realize you are just another stupid consumer. Lets face it buying performance heads from a reputable company , such as HD, should make you feel at ease. However due to the commercialization of such  items, some performance related issue seems to surface. I have posted a question on techtalk, to check the validity of my build and the guys feedback is amazing. Link

Friday, October 24, 2008

Heart Transplant

1cac_1 The combination I have installed on the Blitz, is powerful and effective, however does not live up to the Blitz Bomber reputation. Power delivery is smooth and linear but lacks that punch in the midrange. The cure is a set of heads, the last of their kind as HD has pulled them out form their 2009 SE catalogue, a larger 45mm Mikuni, to flow better AFR into the Blitz and effectively raising horsepower and torque beyond the below chart given my current cam.


Blitzy new rear end

4e90_1 Sound like a cosmetical surgery and as a matter of fact it is. I just received my new 16X5.5” outer rim. Its chrome, shiny and made in Japan. Took to the powder coating shop yesterday, unfortunately I know they will not be able to give that wet black finish, oh well this is the least of my worries. As my new spokes that were supposed to ship Fed-Ex end it up in APO which is going to set me back 2-3 weeks till finalization. The other challenge is fitting that 5.5 rim in the swing arm, some extensive grinding and machining need to be done. Hope this goes right. I want that fat 180 look.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How much power is enough?

untitled The need for speed, an all time addiction, that I cant seem to shake. Although I am past 46, I am still a Deamon once I get on the saddle. So next thing you would say, why don't buy a Ducati or a Honda, it handle better and out perform a Harley and satisfy your need for speed. That’s true but I love my underpowered overweight behemoth, its a rush to see it cranking up more power. I mean Harleys are stereotyped as laid back old geezer bike. But Blitzy changes the mold, it delivers the goods and that torque is orgasmic, it lays the rubber on the red light like butter, yet does not take you to Mach 1. So how much is enough, it depends how deep is your pocket. I have an excellent cam on Blitzy but the set up is lacking that extra uuuumph. That elusive feeling of brute force is what i am seeking and power I will get.

Cure for an aching posterior

1c74_1 In my previous post I ranted about the seat comfort on Blitzy, looks are unfortunately not always synonym with comfort. Its like a nice looking shoe that you cant wear all day. The cure was to purchase a Cross Bones seat from my aching butt. I guess this would relief me of any future agonizing pains.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blitz the return

Heritage 053

Been quite lazy lately in updating this blog, mainly cause I have been busy with my career and secondly, the weather has gotten much better with more outings on the Blitz. Here is what happened since my last post, I have received my 180 new tire and wider fender. After visiting Pirelli in Shuwaikh, they managed 2 failed attempts in installing the new Dunlop on the 3” rim, the first attempt resulted in blowing my inner tube so did the second, obviously the narrow rim could not accommodate the wider tire. Yet again another failure, the solution to order a wider rim which will entail relacing the rear wheel. I found the rim, now I am awaiting the new spokes and inner tube, to make it all work. Mechanically the Blitz is a marvel, no hiccups from the powerful engine, for the exception of a minor leak from a defective clutch cable, what are the odds? Easy fix, using liquid nails I sealed the clutch cable preventing further spillage. The powerful torque has proved to be a nightmare, resulting in wheel slippage AKA burn outs under hard acceleration, accentuated by uncontrollable power slide under cornering. Its fun to deal with, but not when slippery. The front brake are not state of the art and still need a handful to stop, still looking for a new brake cylinder. The forks dive too low under hard breaking, more than I like them too, thicker oil needs to be filled. On the comfort level, the seat on long rides is a bit of a torture device so is the cramped seating position, need to install 3 “ forward controls.

That's a rap for this round, I will be posting about the new mods as soon as I get my parts.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blitzy second outing

marina I know been lazy lately with this site however the good new is that my parts are arriving this week, meanwhile I took the Blitz and headed out to Marina for breakfast at Zaatar wzeit then riding up the Gulf to Starbucks free zone, not bad for a second outing on the Blitz. A couple of hiccups, are yet to be ironed out, rear tire needs to be replaced with 180 as traction is lousy with power slides in every corner. A small oil leak has developed that needs my attention as well as the front brake cylinder feels mushy. The front forks needs thicker oil to minimize  nose dive, minor stuff.