Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How much power is enough?

untitled The need for speed, an all time addiction, that I cant seem to shake. Although I am past 46, I am still a Deamon once I get on the saddle. So next thing you would say, why don't buy a Ducati or a Honda, it handle better and out perform a Harley and satisfy your need for speed. That’s true but I love my underpowered overweight behemoth, its a rush to see it cranking up more power. I mean Harleys are stereotyped as laid back old geezer bike. But Blitzy changes the mold, it delivers the goods and that torque is orgasmic, it lays the rubber on the red light like butter, yet does not take you to Mach 1. So how much is enough, it depends how deep is your pocket. I have an excellent cam on Blitzy but the set up is lacking that extra uuuumph. That elusive feeling of brute force is what i am seeking and power I will get.

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