Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blitz the return

Heritage 053

Been quite lazy lately in updating this blog, mainly cause I have been busy with my career and secondly, the weather has gotten much better with more outings on the Blitz. Here is what happened since my last post, I have received my 180 new tire and wider fender. After visiting Pirelli in Shuwaikh, they managed 2 failed attempts in installing the new Dunlop on the 3” rim, the first attempt resulted in blowing my inner tube so did the second, obviously the narrow rim could not accommodate the wider tire. Yet again another failure, the solution to order a wider rim which will entail relacing the rear wheel. I found the rim, now I am awaiting the new spokes and inner tube, to make it all work. Mechanically the Blitz is a marvel, no hiccups from the powerful engine, for the exception of a minor leak from a defective clutch cable, what are the odds? Easy fix, using liquid nails I sealed the clutch cable preventing further spillage. The powerful torque has proved to be a nightmare, resulting in wheel slippage AKA burn outs under hard acceleration, accentuated by uncontrollable power slide under cornering. Its fun to deal with, but not when slippery. The front brake are not state of the art and still need a handful to stop, still looking for a new brake cylinder. The forks dive too low under hard breaking, more than I like them too, thicker oil needs to be filled. On the comfort level, the seat on long rides is a bit of a torture device so is the cramped seating position, need to install 3 “ forward controls.

That's a rap for this round, I will be posting about the new mods as soon as I get my parts.

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