Thursday, October 7, 2010

So why Stormer?


So_Worth_ItRather what is Stormer, well after building the Blitz giving homage to the Arado and by no means to Nazi Germany, I decided to continue with the same theme and context, although I have to emphasize, that my bike are not reflecting any Neo Nazi believes or tendencies, I just love war memorabilia and like to integrate some of them in my designs. Coming back to the name Stormer comes form Sturmtrupp WWI.

Stormtrooper Insignia

The intention was to create a special badge for the stormtroop-soldier firstly for motivation demonstrating his elite-status , but then it should become a qualification badge, awarded only, when he had finished a special stormtroop-training and had excellent capabilities in close-combat, throwing of hand-grenades, pistol and rifle shooting and was joined in three storm-troopers raids against the enemy.

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