Friday, October 8, 2010

Sticking to a proven formula


Each bike build has a distinctive style and each time we strive to outdo ourselves with budget constraint off course. My bike building policy is simple, keep it as close to stock as possible, so when if you need to sell it at certain point in time the custom aspect will not make people think twice about custom engines and part that are not available in this market,

Keep your frame stock
If you mod your tank keep the original at hand
Same goes for fender wheels etc…
Engine keep it HD

Now the enhancement are not only cosmetic. Lets tart with the frame, Lower rear and front, do not rake the bike if you plan on travelling. You can change the tires and rims, Rear you can go up to 200mm on a stock swing arm using stock HD parts, such as pulley and belt, rims from 16X5.5” – 17X6” even 18”, you only need to manufacture the spacers and grind the caliper and swing arm.

The Front I have opted for 180mm mounted on a 16X4.25” rim, you can go up 5.5” but want be able to fit a 200mm. I do recommend a fender to protect you from drainage water, its cool to drive without a fender, not that cool if you run into sewage water!

Drivability, the combo of 200+180 is a killer, the bike feel and handle like a sports bike, make sure that you r exhaust is high, RSD tracker is a good example of high clearance exhaust, yes your Harley will lean till you grind your foot pegs.

Handle Bars ape bars are cool if you wanna pose on the bike, if you are into serious thrashing, get a low bar, I opted for a mantel bar. Giving better control over my bike.

Seat console etc is stock HD crossbones of eBay.

Nest Post will cover the engine mods!

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