Tuesday, January 13, 2009

HTCC Ported?

ported HTCC stands for High Torque Combustion Chamber (or High Turbulence?) In a nutshell the job was straight forward, heads off, cylinder off, pistons on, cylinder honing, gaskets on etc. The question was should i keep the Mik 42 or should I swap for the 45. See (http://harleytechtalk.net/htt/index.php?topic=3835.0). The 42 is snappier and more responsive below 2500, whereas the 45 is more sluggish off the starting line. Once past 2500 revs the bike is a daemon, it redlines across the board reaching its top speed of 220KPH in no time (Harley time relatively speaking). Am I happy with the 1000$ I have spent on those mods? You bet Blitzy feels like a Ducati, unfortunately does not brake like one :)…

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