Sunday, June 8, 2008

Plan the Work and Work the Plan

I guess the toughest part of this project is the planning phase, if you plan right chances are you  will finish your project within the allocated time and budget. Remember 70% planning 30% execution.

  • Planning should start at least 30 days before you actually touch the bike. Start by identifying where the surgery will take place on the bike, make sure you have all the necessary tools, worse thing that could happen is to trailer the bike to the dealer and wait for it.
  • Technology: After you have laid out a plan start analyzing what are the changes you need to carry out. For this task I highly recommend that you use Excel, a powerful tool to keep track of your items and purchases and surely your budget.exel
  • Bomber front end: Most extensive face lift mainly bolt on, Wheel, Tire, Bearing Removal, Disc Brake, Rotor Bolts, Disc Spacers, lower front legs, triple tree, bushings, steering cables, turn signals, headlight, grips, handlebar. ($1650) Now that I have covered my front ends requirements, I can shop within a budget.
  • Bomber Engine: Heads, Pistons, Cams, Ignition, Carb, Exhaust, Boring, Gaskets ($1500) that was easy, question is what combination to go for, I will cover this at a later stage.
  • Bomber Back End: Toughest modification, Fender, Wheel, Bearings, Rotor, Rotor Bolt, Pulley, Belt, Cutting, Welding. ($1500)
  • Bomber Seat: Springer ($400)

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