Saturday, June 7, 2008

Laying out the plan

  • Find the Bike: Model and year is critical, the Softail twin cam introduced in 1999 is the best bet for custom work, you will find plenty of accessories in Drag Specialities and eBay.
  • Where to Search: I was lucky to find my bike on 248 am, not really the most likely place to find a Harley but hey you gotta get lucky sometimes.
  • Sketch your project: some people can't visualize, find someone who can help you sketch your vision.
  • Identify a theme: a bike has to flow, its like plastic surgery for women, too much bottox then the whole thing will look out of synch, luckily bikes can be fixed at a cost.
  • Plan you Budget: its very easy to get caught up in the accessories catalogue, and all these 4.99$ items will add up to 1000 of dollars. Rule of thumb you will spend 1300$ for lame chrome stuff that no one will notice, don't get caught caught up in the chrome craze.
  • Comfort vs Look: looks can be damaging to your back, slim seats, hard tail will give you a mean looker, that will get you to feel your lumber after 30km.


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