Sunday, June 8, 2008

Technology the Good and The Bad

R&D is the most critical phase of this project, there is nothing called perfection, you need to evaluate read, design, re-design however avoid analysis paralysis and avoid tasks that are time consuming and yield little results. Sure 240 tire would look good but $3500 and hours of labors do not justify a 4 cm increase of your rear end.

  • Google it: start googling your intentions, on average I spend 20 hours to 25 hours surfing the web searching for information. Remember too much information is overkill.
  • eBay it: eBay has the most extensive list of parts for HD, you can spend hours on end, remember to be specific on what you want. There are many deterrent on eBay make sure you get what you want at the price you want, wait till the last 15 sec and bid.


  • Parts Catalogue: Two I recommend, Drag Specialties and Custom Chrome, look for your parts then eBay it, you will be amazed to find deals with 40% off the original price.

cc drag

Good Luck!

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