Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Beauty in the eye of the beholder

The art of customization is how do you set your bike apart from the hordes of other Harleys out there? Thing is Harley are like tractors of the assembly line, slow, sluggish performance, heavy, giving us all kind of excuses to customizing them, and in the process molding them to reflect our personality.

Seeking inspiration: You could begin by opening up Harley's annual Parts and Accessories Catalog and sifting through its 900+ pages, trying to find the right combination of parts that look really great together. Harley makes parts for the masses therefore you will end up spending 1000+ on crappy chrome and most probably a bike that still looks like the next Harley.

A friend of mine discovered a company that builds customs bikes in Germany, he was the first to introduce it, now a third of the bikes in Kuwait are equipped with the same kit.

  • Rule of Thumb: Build a bike for yourself, let it reflect you, not what other people think.
  • Throwing money at it, may help however you might be stuck with too much clutter.
  • Think Simple: The less complication the more fun, is it not what bikes are all about.


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