Saturday, June 28, 2008

Back to the drawing board

RSII-SK2 Just when I thought, I had something special going on for this project. I went to Dasman Polishing service today with some stainless steel and aluminum items. What a bummer! After giving it a try out the copper does not bind onto neither. Research on the subject has returned the following results and I quote "

The most common way to plate aluminum is to use the zincate process, followed by nickel. Copper plating onto zincate layers can be problematical and is usually avoided wherever possible. However, correct pretreatment of the aluminum prior to zincating is essential otherwise the zincate layer is of no use. I would suspect the following things:

1) Is it the correct grade of aluminum for plating?
2) Was the pretreatment correct?
3) Was the zincating done correctly?
4) Is the nickel of the correct stress?
5) Are the process solutions all in specification?"

Duh!!! I guess none of the above, this level of sophisticated process is not available in good old Kuwait. What a drag here goes my dreams of a copper coated Bomber!!!

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