Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Blitz

engineBlitz is an intensive rush of  horsepower and acceleration controlled by a flick of the wrist.  To build the ultimate V-Twin torque machine, the choice of Camshaft is the factor that will make or break the mechanical orchestra.

This said other components should harmoniously work together to deliver on the expected performance.

Cams: TW8 aggressive ramps with .595 of lift.
Heads: Screaming Performance heads
Valve Springs: up to .650 of lift
Pistons: Forged high Compression 9.6
Pushrods: Adjustable
Carburetor: 42mm Mikuni
Ignition: Selectable Maps
Exhaust: Vance & Hines Tracker

Expected Outcome: 105 HP and a Massive 110 Ft/lbs of torque at 4000 RPM.

Item Description Price
Cams $268
Pushrods $80
Pistons $165
Valve Springs $124
SE Heads $380
Cylinder Boring  $100
Gaskets $130
Ignition $230
Exhaust $599
Mikuni 42mm $199
Engine Bolt Set $85
Total $2,360

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