Saturday, June 7, 2008

Bomber Look

The Bomber look is a fat looking front combined with massive imposing rear end. My limitation for this project as any other project are as follows:

  • Reliability: a bike that can withstand constant hammering, and can operate trouble free in the current weather conditions, while still being able to cruise all day on 95 octane pump gas. therefore compression will be kept around 10:1 and an oil cooler will be a must.
  • Part Availability: Customization has no limits, however too many custom parts on the bike, might prove challenging as many motorcycle parts companies end up going bust, so I don't want to find myself with a broken shaft that I can't replace. Out goes the dream of a 240 rear tire.
  • Budget: Ah the almighty $, now its the best time to customize, with the dollar at an all time low, I can buy 40% more ports, however within  the limitation of a 5000$ budget.

Exile Fat Bloke pretty close to the Blitz Bomber.

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