Monday, July 21, 2008

Paint Job

The Guys at Monaco pulled it off, Mat Dull Nato Green, yeap the way I wanted it. Ali did a great job on mixing the color and the other Ali did another great job at painting. The color has the tendency to show different nuances of green based on the lighting conditions. Now I need to put the emblems and getting my helmet painted in the process. There is still some way ahead, but definitely I would say screw Toni, Lebanese rule.

Heritage 019 Heritage 021
Heritage 022 Heritage 025


Khaled said...

Screw toni?????
Just becasue he did not give you the price you want !!!???

80% of Kuwait and Saudi bikers do paint jobs at toni,,,, and making a green colored tank makes you rule
looool, even lary my driver can make this tank....

Sij ma feek khair lol
Finish the bike and let us see the results.
Ride with us for a change.... masart VP thiba7tna

Anonymous said...

80% of Kuwait and Saudi bikers do paint jobs at toni? Please enlighten us on what basis did you come up with this ridiculous statistic! I am one of lot of Kuwaiti bikers who think Toni sucks !

How do you judge a good painter?

Quality of work
Delivery time
Fair price

Well he sucks a big time on all of the above and where is he know ???

one more thing, are you pissed off cause he screwed toni or because he is not riding with you for a change? !! didnt get it !

Hellraiser said...

Walak Khaled, who painted your bike? Definitely not Tony! besides I poid 25oKD for a botched job that is pealing, a fender that does not fit and paint that does not match, and to top it all 6 month of waiting. If 80% are stupid at least the remainder 20% are smart enuff to listen. PS Tony gtot fired. And yes lebanese rules!