Monday, July 28, 2008

String of Bad Luck!

luck All the parts I have waited for, in the past 10 days, were received yesterday  from JP-Cycles. After trying the parts on the bike, the decision was to scrap the lot in the bin. That's 65$ burned to the ground, which makes it  my 4th order on the bike that I am scrapping, as it is sometimes difficult to see what you are buying of a catalogue and the final product does not live up to your expectation.

Here are a list of the stuff i ordered and did not use

Seat Pan : 45$
Oil Fitting: 15$
Front Braided Brake line: 45$
Horn: 45$
Adjustable Rods: 75$ (lost)
Braided Hose: 35$

Total 260$. I would have rather spend them on something useful, however this is what I call Mail Order margin of error when you are building a custom bike.

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