Saturday, July 26, 2008

Harley CVO 2009

Every year Harley releases its CVO range (custom vehicle operation) a name that sucks, cause in reality there is not much customization going on, for the exception of the springer (240 tire). In a nut shell CVO comprises of a paint job, lots of  Harley Chrome components that you can find in their catalogue and a hopped up engine with bored crankcases. These are manufactured in limited quantities and priced at 45% more than the already overpriced Harley. Given the custom trend in the bike world it would be nice to see Harley adopting a Nike like strategy, where the customer can build his custom bike online based on OEM frames. This way you can decide color, tire size, engine size, etc, lets face it, since we are paying 45% more and a delivery time of 6 month, why not get something unique and worth your buck.


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