Friday, July 4, 2008

Paypal Prevails

JUSTICE-logo I  gotta say the system works and so does some exhaustive research. Although my case did not get reviewed by Paypal, I build enough evidence against the seller until he conceded. Below is a sample of what took place. I also would like to thanks the support of the Harley Tech Talk Community, who did an excellent job in giving me a lot of facts. See Link

This Morning Paypal Wrote

fatboyfishing  has issued you a full or partial refund for your payment. This refund will remain pending until the funds have cleared from the sender's account. You will receive an email notification once the funds have become available in your PayPal account. See Refund Details below for more information.
Message from merchant:
Original Payment Details
Date Payment Sent: Jun. 17, 2008
Amount: $380.00 USD

Dear Hellraiser
You are right and im wrong!in 02 harley usd their stock heads with a 95ci big bore jugs and pistons.with your acceptance ill refund you 380.00 and you keep the heads for resale,no sense sending them back across the ocean again.

- fatboyfishing

Seller Wrote

OK, I tire of this.You have received-02 screaming eagle roadking heads,if im not mistaken they have SE forged in them.they came off a 02 screaming eagle roadking.I did not list them as after market heads I gave out part numbers on request.You can take it to paypal if you like, my listing is correct you (WILL) lose!You have already started this off wrong! I have a feedback of 100%.Here is what I will do for you-Send the heads back undameged I will relist them for you and when they sell,I will refund your $350.00 purchess price.I hope this is agreeable as its your only option where Im concerend

Hellraiser Wrote

Dear Let me clarify what I have received. In the package I have 2 silver heads front and rear with the respective part numbers.

Rear: 16725-99

Front: 16723-99

I have contacted the dealer, both of these numbers are OEM heads non Screaming Eagle. The correct part number for the screaming eagle heads is 16953-99B. The logo on the heads should read screaming eagle for authenticity purposes. Your Ad read as follows "Harley Davidson,Twin-Cam 99/05 screaming eagle 95ci silver heads,low miles-great condition!" irrespective which bike and model it came from it should have the SE emblem on the side, as Harley never manufactured these heads without a logo. As for the posted pictures you are referring to, it shows the opposite side of where the logo is. I will be more than happy to supply you with a letter from my local dealer attesting those claims. I hope we can come towards a mutual understanding to resolve this issue

Seller wrote "

Dear  Your dealer is mistaken,I have emailed you a picture of an 02/screaming eagle roadking-as you can plainly see there are no logos on the heads.As for the box,forgetit! THE LISTING IS 100% Correct. Im sorry if you thought there would be a logo on them, if there where I would have taken pics of them plus! they would have been more than 350.00.If you dont want the heads sell them you will prob get more than you paid for them anyway.They would sell fast


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