Monday, July 7, 2008

Operation Bobbing T-0

I have not updated the site for a couple of days now, I have taken this week off due to several tasks I needed to finalize. First my buddies bike had to be finalized, I will post pictures tomorrow. My car needed new front discs and tires so spend half the day running in Shuwaikh. Afterall the running, I did manage to work on the Blitz, however not many pictures taken. I would to thank Hussein Salmeen for his help and insight. Salmeen has a small shop in Shuwaikh 'Kuwait Choppers" that oozes with creativity, if you need anything custom done Hussein is your go to guy.

  • Fitted Rear Tire
  • Flat fender ordered was 7.5" looked ugly, had to shrink it by 1", this means cutting, grinding and welding although the fender in 6 inch is worth 9KD, the wait would have been over 10 days.
  • Heads were send to dealership for performance springs.
  • Tomorrow should move from mock up to bolt-on.
bob1 bob2
bob3 bob4

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