Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last week for Blitzy

checklist Here we go, all the parts are here, no more excuses and delays to wrap up the project this week and bring it to closure. its been quite an uneventful week for the Blitz Bomber.  My to do list is still extensive and should be done in a couple of days.


  • Adjust belt and tighten rear Wheel
  • Check fender to wiring clearance
  • Tighten exhaust
  • Engine Oil
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Vacuum Sensor change
  • Install RSD Engine Mount and Coil
  • Tuck Wiring under Seat
  • Adjust rear suspension
  • Finalize all wiring
  • Mount Horn
  • Change main jet to 165
  • Rear turn signal mount and wiring
  • Adjust front turn signals
  • Bleed Front Brake
  • Install number plate and manufacture backing plate
  • Re-torque to specs
  • Mount tank
  • Mount Dash
  • Dash Leather trim
  • Charge Battery
  • Manufacture Seat Pan
  • Fire Up test ride
  • Wash

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