Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Final Progress Report

blitzyd Blitzy is nearing D-Day, although this bike has been marred with tiny little issues and set backs  that made me wonder sometimes what went wrong.



For starters

  • This my first Bobber not an excuse but I really did not know what to expect.
  • Wheels were off a 2008 model so modifications were needed
  • Coil Relocation nothing called after market fits
  • Front Axle delay  in manufacturing
  • Seat Pan Wrong parts
  • Broken Vacuum Sensor
  • Triple tree stolen by powder coating shop
  • Cylinder heads bought as SE were stock
  • Rear fender too big, cut down to size
  • Steering bad workman ship cuts internal wires
  • Dash plate manufactured
  • Turn Signal missing one

With all of the above we managed to pull it off and yesterday, we started the bike, running rough need to check ignition setting.

Things to do for today to close the project

  • Rear light dual filament exchange
  • Wiring for fuel indicator
  • Adjust Ignition
  • Mount Seat and cut bolts to length
  • Ignition wires length
  • Exhaust Nut
  • Test Ride
  • Seat Pan
  • Ammo Box Mount

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