Thursday, August 28, 2008

Blitz Bomber hits the street!.

lrg_cover This is a review of the first bike ride, after 3 month in the workshop, the green machine hits the pavement. Forget about carburetor, lights and whatever minor issues that popped up at the last minute.  The main thing is to test the Blitz.

Ergonomics: Seating Position is leaning a bit forward, still comfortable, the springer seat needs some getting used , the pegs might need relocation two inches forward, I don't feel cramped with my 6 feet height, but a couple of inches will help, too early to talk about long haul comfort, this will need a trip of  200km to give you the final verdict.

On the road: The first thing that hit me is the feel of lightness that the Blitz  have, all Harley's tip the scale at 300KG+ , not light in my book, however the bike feels nimble. The Blitz is stable with loads of clearance on both sides. the 16/150 up front a far cry from the original 21/90, gives it stability and begs for high speed cornering. negotiating curves at 120KM is a breeze, and no sign of flexing or wobbles. The rear end is the lightest part of the bike and has the tendency to slide if pushed hard, this is attributed to the relatively small patch of rubber  the 150/16 a 180 section would have been better. Overall I like the frame geometry and if you really want to l know, I did push the Blitz to 170KM took my hands of the handlebar to check for any geometrical deficiencies. Verdict I am still here and writing this blog.

Bring on the horses: The Blitz engine has been rebuild, with 1550 high compression piston, Woods Cams, Alloy Pushrods, 42 mm Mikuni that sucks and high lift springs. Engine is a bit noisy but the exhaust note is gorgeous, the RSD 2-1 give the bike a nasty note once you flick that throttle open. The engine has loads of torque, easily spins the rear wheel at the red light, however power is delivered progressively and the torque is available on tap with in the whole power range. This is the 4th engine I build, and by far my favorite. Verdict too early to judge but 170km on the first day with lousy carb is not a sign of weakness.

Tonight I might take Blitzy out for a drive and see what it is made off.

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