Saturday, August 30, 2008

Almost There!

Blitz Bomber is home and no!!! I did not get to have the test ride on Thursday, it was simply too hot and there are still minor issues to be fixed on the Bomber. Below is the latest set of Pics, soon I will be posting a video.

Heritage 060

Heritage 061 Heritage 063


q8Honey said...

Ya36eek 5aira o ykafeek shara!

Anonymous said...

looks really nice .y36eek 5aira o ykafeek shara :)

Hellraiser said...

Thanks, much appreciated.

Jan said...

Looks real cool!
Would love to feature your Blitz Bomber in the photo galleries of !
Keep ridin',
(Was in the Abu Dhabi Harley shop last week. Not quite q8, but close!)